[Samples Claimed] esLife Battery Free Wireless Doorbell

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  • Value: £23.99
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  • Testers are expected to test and provide detailed and unbiased feedback on the product within one week. (Submit Your Test to Product Tests Category)

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Would love to try this as I’ve been through a couple of door bells that are rubbish!

My doorbell really plays up in the rain so this would be great to test! The reviews on Amazon are really good!

Save getting up for Jehovas witnesses! (No offence!) :yum::yum:

I would love this as my doorbell has just gone mad and started ringing for no reason in the middle of the night 3 times so I unwired it. More than a little frightened when I thought someone might be there

Would love to try this :crossed_fingers:

This would be great would replace the old doorbell box I currently have that hasn’t worked for the past 2.5 years :star_struck:

I’m always out my back through the day and have trouble hearing the door so would be reall helpful to me

I’m new to the community and this would be a great chance to get started with a review - something that I could use

This would be perfect for my home. At the moment we don’t have doorbell, everybody needs to knock on the door :joy::joy: It would be amazing to have a good doorbell

THE SELECTED TESTERS ARE : @Katie_Lingwood @Jillpercey @Blabee92 @Amparo


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Would love to test the door bell to no who is at door it would be fantastic :crossed_fingers: