[Sample Claimed] Morphy Richards 303250 Cordless Iron easyCHARGE 360

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I would love to test this product. It looks fantastic and it would make my life a little bit easier. Having two kids, every little help is important

Would love to test this especially seeing as my son is starting nursery in September and will need his uniform looking smart :+1:

Would like to test this iron as I have limited plug sockets in home and would be great to be able to iron in middle of kitchen or living room untethered by cord.I do wonder if would keep heat but would be great to test this out

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I would love to test this product as I have so much ironing to do throughout the week it normally takes me about 3 hours or more to complete so I’m hoping if i get picked I can review the aspect of how long it takes to iron a week. I will also love to test how chic its design is too and if its portal to be taken to different rooms of the house. Finally the last aspect I’d check is its crease removal which is the main aspect I want to test.

I would love to test this product. I get through so much ironing each week as it builds up and hate being stuck in the bedroom where the iron is kept.
This would be perfect to allow me to be in different rooms and multitasking

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I’m in need of a new iron so this would be perfect !

This looks great. I have 2 older teenagers who still expect their ironing to be done so I’ll have plenty of opportunities to test it.

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Looks perfect for ironing the dreaded school uniforms and work shirts. I like that there’s no cord for my silly cat to knock it over with!

Wow, this looks amazing, might even make the ironing less of a chore!

This would be great I’ve used the same old iron for years, I iron for 1-2 hours a day with having 5 children it’s never ending could do with an upgrade :heart_decoration::crossed_fingers:

Would love to test this as think it will make ironing a lot easier as I have nerve damage in back :crossed_fingers:

Every little helps when it comes to the chore of ironing so id love to test this little gem out and make ironing a lot more enjoyable

Yes please to testing this product if I may. I have 5 children and no Iron at all. I rely on trying to choose materials that perhaps don’t need to be ironed or the tumble dryoer or even just hanging them. So this would be fab for my family

It would be amazing to be chosen to review this iron, mine packed up some time ago and now my clothes look like my poor old skin, wrinkled.

This iron looks perfect…I have five chikdren so a lot of ironing! Fingers crossed x

Always had a big admiration for Morphy Richards products so this would be a great new edition

I would love to test this.

I would to test this , using a tiny really old travel iron just now, and I am looking for a job sometimes I feel it is just not good enough.
So this would be a great opportunity.:grinning:

would love to test this pls as I needed a new iron in the house were big family