[Sample Claimed] KooPower 6 Pack Bottle Lights

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Would love to test these to go in my bar at home :crossed_fingers:

I would really like to try these. They look fab

would love to test these please

Would live these great decors

I think these would look so great on the dining table

These look gorgeous! Would love to test these please

Wow what beautiful bottles. What a lovely addition these woild make to my adult get together or even family ones.

I’d love to see these in my garden, they are so pretty and different, perfect for now the nights are drawing in

would love opportunity to enhance my home with Bottle Light and leave you honest review

Would love to try these in my new uni room!

Aw I love these they would look beautiful in my bedroom because I spend most of my time in the bedroom due to being ill I love everything bright and shiny

These would looked awesome on my sideboard in my hall would love to review.

Awesome opportunity!! Would love to try it & review it.

Ive just built a summerhouse and ive hern thinking a out making some of these! Why bother when i can buy some ore even better test them

Ohh yes please IV so many craft y things to try using these…

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