[Sample Claimed] Blink XT2 | Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage

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This would be really helpful as I live in flats and my entry phone stops working frequently. This would be amazing to see who is actually at my main door :+1:

This looks fab, would love to test it

I love that there are no monthly fees attached to this, I’d love to thoroughly test and review it with you!

I would love to have this added reassurance. I’m disabled and like to know who is around and what is happening prior to opening my door

I would love this as I would be able to see who was at the door without opening the door

Would love to test this could see who is at door before opening it can not be to carefull x

Would be an excellent product to review as I could keep an eye on my garage always good too have a little security in your vehicle’s.

Would love this then I can keep an eye on my garden

I like how simple to use this seems…and it sync’s to Alexa

As my husband is 74 yrs old and I am 61 it would give a greater sense of security in these days of rising crime.

I’d love the opportunity to test this and give my honest opinion on it. It looks like a great added security for your home.

Would love to test this great for added sercuilty for home :crossed_fingers:

Would be great to have this . Looks really easy to use and seems to have great vision.

I would love to test this product. I had a German Shepard dog for security but he has recently passed away and I’m looking for a new security device.

I would like to test this as at the moment I use a Motorola focus 73 and it is a terrible camera , especially night vision.

Yes please I would be willing and interested in testing and giving an honest opinion many thanks

Would love to test this as I’m disabled and struggle to get to the door and due to the recent crime about this would certainly give me peace of mind.

This would be ideal for my home. Most likely for the back, as our neighbors kids loves garden hoping over our garden and taking my two boys items…

So we’ll have proof for their parents.

Yes please love the idea of this.