[Sample Claimed] Amazon Echo Wall Clock

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Seems really cool as I would like to make my home a smart home and would like to see if it’s worth going full out :+1:

I’d love to test this, I have an echo dot to use with it.

Looks like a really good clock, never seen an one like that before with Amazon echo built in. Would love to test it

I’ve not seen one of these before. It would be great to be able to review it as it looks fab

Would love this as now have two echo dots and magic sockets and just bought light bulbs. Haven’t got a clock but would love one

This would look great in my home :heart_eyes:

This would look lovely on my sitting room wall😍

Trying to make my home a smart home so this would be a great edition

I would really like to see how the clock works does it work with Alexa is it based on the same idea as Alexa or is it just a talking clock so much to find out

I definitely would love to review the clock!!

This would be a great addition to our echo dots… love Alexa and Amazon

Would love to test this, I’ve not seen one like this before.

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make time go quick looking at this nice time piece and happy to review