Meet The Moderators of OwlDeals

Everyday is viewed by thousands of guests and members. People come here looking for help, research and often just general discussion for hot deals and money-saving tips. OwlDeals Moderators are here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We keep the forums clean and tidy. Handling some of the tasks below, and offering members guidance when they go astray from our Community Rules and Guidelines. OwlDeals has the highest regard for individuals who volunteer their time to be a moderator.

Tasks/Goals of Our Moderators

  • Responding to Member Reported Posts
  • Helping with member questions in Unanswered threads and throughout the forum
  • Killing Spam, and handling other forum chores (moving and re titling threads, closing duplicate threads, etc)
  • Respect for the community and its members

How are Moderators selected?

  • Picked by Moderator Team Leader, & Community Manager
  • Recommended by OwlDeals Moderator Moderator Staff