Meet The Ambassadors of OwlDeals

Everyday and are viewed by thousands of guests and members. People come here looking for help, research and often just general discussion for hot deals and money-saving tips. We have assembled a group known as the OwlDeals Ambassadorswhich, aside from being like you and me, are dedicated & knowledgeable volunteers that give back to this great community each day by helping you. We hold our Ambassadorswith the highest regard for their participation in helping us achieve the overall goal of making your forum experience the best it can be.

In the following posts you will find a small intro/bio written by the Ambassadors so you can get to know a little more about them.

Tasks/Goals of Our Ambassadors

  • Making new members to OwlDeals feel welcome
  • Responding to Unanswered threads and providing helpful solutions to member questions
  • Writing helpful guides and tutorials
  • Respect for the community and its members

How are Ambassadors selected?

  • Picked by the Ambassador Team Leader & the Community Manager
  • Recommended by OwlDeals Moderators
  • Sometimes we even explore members who ask or offer to join the program