How do you find latest deals? [Tricks]

Tricks to find latest deals:

  1. Google Advanced Search Command

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  1. Feed + Feedly

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  1. Hashtag on twitter
  2. OwlPrice Amazon discount finder
  3. Google Shopping

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  1. Join OwlDeals Community to set up an alert

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I use google advanced search commads and date filter to search latest deals.

Site Command:

If you are in need of more specific deals that are catered to a single website, this command will help you bring those results up. For example, if you wanted to search amazon vouchers, you would use the following:

Example use:
voucher from voucher

Quotes (“word”)

Using quotes around the phrases you are searching for will help you find deals that are exact match results, rather than the broad results you will get with standard search.

Example use:


Inurl (Inurl:)

If you wanted to find pages on a site that has your targeted word in the URL, you could use this operator.

Example use:
As all link of amazon products include “dp”,

if we want show product only, we can use following command


Date Filter (Latest Deal Only)

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Thank you @jamie66
I just found a 80% discount code!! :laughing:


Feedly compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.

I followed owldeals and bbc

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Hashtag on twitter (#owldeals #vouchers)

OwlPrice Amazon discount finder


Use Amazon Discount finder

How does it works?
There are hidden filters when you searching products.

rh=p_8%3A50-100 means 50% off

Note: Discount based on original price! Some merchants increased they original price!

Discount = (Original Price - Deal Price ) / Original Price

I found Google Shopping is the most consistent at finding the cheapest price

Google Shopping searches a wide range of retailers, including biggies such as Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco. It also searches less traditional retailers such as eBay and daily deals site Groupon.

  1. Search for a product. Google will list relevant items sold by multiple retailers.
  2. Use the filters on the left-hand side. These let you filter results by price, retailer and more. You can also choose whether to view second-hand items.
  3. Select the item you’re after and click ‘compare prices from xx shops’. This will show you the full list of retailers.
  4. Compare prices. You can sort results by ‘base price’ (without postage) or ‘total price’ (including postage) – helping you decide whether to buy in store or online.
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