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Owldeals Review Community is built for people who like test products! You can apply
Free Samples

Test Products for FREE!

To receive free products for testing, you can visit the ‘Free Samples’ area of the site, and apply to test products. If you are chosen to test the product then it will be sent out to you.

You get to the keep the items, in exchange for filling in an unbiased review at
Product Tests

  1. DISCOVER the latest products or rediscover your preferred products & brands.
  2. APPLY to test the products your are interested in. If you have been selected you will get the product to test for free delivered to your doorstep.
  3. SHARE your opinion on products you have tested and check other members’ reviews
  4. RETAIN your product! You have successfully completed the product test and you may keep the product.

How do you select product testers?

Product testers are selected among a pool of applicants based on the number of free products available. There are no lucky draws. In addition, neither the employees of OwlDeals nor their families are permitted to apply for tests.

Who have more chances of getting selected as a product tester ?

  1. New member have not received a free sample;
  2. Members wrote unbiased and detailed review;
  3. Active users got Promoter badge

How can I increase my chances of getting selected as a product tester?

We try our best to involve as many product testers as possible. If you weren’t selected for a product trial at this time, you can increase your chances to be selected for the next product trial by simply reviewing products on our website! We recognize active users and strive to involve those who are more likely to share honest reviews on our community platform.


  • Free samples are not sponsored by Merchants (OwlDeals will purchase new product and dispatch it to you)
  • Please write an unbiased review after you received the free sample

Whether your experience was positive or poor, we encourage members to exercise complete honesty.

How to leave a review?

  1. Go to “Product Tests” category
  2. Click “New Topic” button
  3. Now to put your thoughts in writing! (you can insert images and emoji to your review)

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